Here at we can’t get enough of our Peter Jensen mania… We jumped with delight when we hear Peter would have a pop up café to his name at the Somerset House where the London fashion week is now held every season.

The Peter Jensen pop up café  has been designed by Anna Sbiera-Paléologue and Clementine Keith-Roach for Associated Creative Ltd. The pair was asked by Peter Jensen to put together a café that would reflect his work, inspirations, aesthetics and his label history.
More precisely the concept of this special pop-up café started from Peter’s soldier print and the fact that it would be based at Somerset House, which bears a link with Denmark. Indeed, during the reign of James I (also James VI King of Scots), the building became the London residence of his wife Anne of Denmark and was renamed “Denmark House”.

The links between Great Britain and Denmark can also be seen in the attire of the soldiers featured on Peter Jensen’s print. These hand drawn soldiers dressed in red and dark blue with a tall black bearskin hat are actually Danish royal guard soldiers but they easily could be the British Queen’s foot guard!

The theme around Peter’s print and Somerset House secret’s Danish connection will be declined in the café,  the walls decked in the soldiers fabric and the furniture bearing the same colour palette of red and blue.

The choice of laminated birch plywood is also homage to Tom Lindhardt, the Danish sculptor behind the famed children playground attraction seen around the world (the “crazy hen” spring swing for instance), made in a similar material and colour palette.

The cafe also features vintage furniture (danish modernist design and british Ercol chairs) mixed in the coloured birch elements and a limited edition of PVC lace ceiling light pendants which refer to Peter’s past collections such as Candice Marie, as well as being a homage to his grandmother’s crochet skills!