We love the forget me not scarves, here a little description of the label and the new winter collection, all the scarves are produced in Italy (Como) using a very fine digital print mode which is best suited to render the minute details of hand-drawn compositions.

Coco – The designer
After five years studying fine arts in Paris, Coco forged a successful career as a communication consultant for leading French fashion designers and couture houses. She now also creates imagery for major retail brands and publications spanning both the independent and mainstream press, including Vogue, ELLE, Nylon and Muse. Her approach mixes several techniques, combining old-school processes such as painting and hand-drawing with digital techniques. For the finished product, she balances a mix of visual restraint and minimalism with a more leftfield and pop-friendly approach. Her work has been published in numerous publications including Taschen, Gestalten,Victionary and several exhibitions in London, Los Angeles and Barcelona. She has also worked on a series of collaborations, including Addition Adelaide in Japan, Evian, Longchamp, K Karl Lagerfeld.

Sources for inspiration
Forget Me Not is a concept that revolves around Coco’s own peculiar visual universe and most notably the encounter between several of her particular fields of interest. These include the collage works of the modernist avant-garde, Surrealism, montage as a way of enchanting reality, geometric patterns – especially in esoteric imagery, animals seen as totems, the talismanic power of the object and literary references ranging from childrens’ tales to fin-de-siècle novels.

AW – 11/12
The inspiration for the new winter collection, Dreams & Feathers, is found in Coco’s trademark orchestration of ancient esoteric symbols with a hyper-contemporary approach to design. This year, the collection takes a foray into more graphic territories – cubism, kaleidoscopic refractions and the works of M.C. Escher all spring to mind – as well as adopting a new, ulltra-versatile lozenge silhouette.
Feathered messengers of ancient wisdom invite us to a flight into the unknown, a world of psychedelia, dream- like geometries and strange organic landscapes where feathers grow like clusters of plants and ancient jewellry unfurls into cosmic ‘’dream-catcher’’ devices.

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