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Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby Exhibition

PRADA and The Great Gatsby celebrate the premiere of the much buzzed about cinematic masterpiece created by the famed Baz Luhrmann. What connects the famed Italian fashion label with the movie is a collaboration between Miuccia Prada and costume designer Catherine Martin who created together a slew of costumes for the long awaited film adaptation.


Inez and Vinoodh


Inez and Vinoodh are a Dutch couple who have been arguably one of the most important duos in the fashion world for the last 20 years. Their seemingly endless contribution to high-end fashion adverts in magazines is nothing but staggering. Looking through their portfolio now and seeing adverts that I tore out and stuck on my wall during puberty is making me kind of emotional.

Not merely famed for single handedly making clothing adverts works of art, Inez and Vinoodh also take some of the most exquisite, revealing portraits of the more famous humans on the planet today. That portrait of Clint Eastwood in the smoke! Mind blowing.

vinoodh-javier vinoodh=eastwood-clint vinoodh-scarlett vinoodh-natalie-portman vinoodh-mia vinoodh-jennifer-lawrence

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Mary Katrantzou’s digital prints


Mary_Katrantzo-summer-collection-printSeason after season, Mary Katrantzou’s digital prints transport us into the future, often taking inspiration from a far-off location, and always managing to charm our hearts and minds.




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Lionel Bawden


Lionel Bawden is an Australian artist working in sculpture, performance, installation and painting. Bawden’s core practice exploits hexagonal coloured pencils as a sculptural material, reconfigured and carved into amorphous shapes, mining the material’s rich qualities of colour, geometry and metaphor. Bawden explores themes of flux, transformation and repetition as preconditions to our experience of the physical world, essential to the construction of identity. Bawden’s sculptural works harness landscape as a stand-in for the body, personal themes of desire, longing and interconnection become abstracted in a generative process to create form. Bawden’s recent paintings explore darker psychological states, grounded in an exploration of an ambivalent relationship between figure and landscape. These paintings mark a return to the figure after a sustained fascination with more oblique approaches to articulating aspects of the human condition.


La Bohème – Kasia Struss rocks a bold mix of eclectic prints, standout jewelry and even denim for the April 2013 edition of Numéro. The Polish beauty poses for Greg Kadel in polished studio images wearing designs from labels such as Calvin Klein Collection, Forget me not scarf and Chanel selected by stylist Bill Mullen. For beauty, Kasia dons elaborate braids by hair stylist Ward with metallic eyeshadow courtesy of makeup artist Mariel Barrera.

forget-me-not-scarf-fringes-Kasia-Struss-Greg-Kadel- Numero-142KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel-scarves-shoot KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel1 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel2 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel6 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel7 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel8 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel10 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel12 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel13 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel14 KasiaStrussNumeroGregKadel15

Stella McCartney SS13


Emma Cook on Collage

“We always do a lot of collage print in every collection and thought it would be nice to make a couple of the prints come to life and for the model to be part of the world in a short film. I like making funny fantasy worlds like the dinosaur underwater in the film, and for S/S13 we made a fantasy holiday city with tulip fields, roller coasters, mountains and ferris wheels. Mostly the images come from 1930s and 1940s holiday postcards.

I have always worked with collage, but more so lately. We focus mainly on print, and the prints are usually collaged from photos we have taken or old found images. I’m inspired by lots of different collage artists, like original Aleksander Rodchenko works, they are amazing. Also there’s lots of great collage on 1970s album sleeves.”

Central Saint Martins graduate Emma Cook has been making a name for herself over the past few seasons for her digitally prints featuring everything from African motifs to languorous swans. For the launch of her A/W13 collection, which takes an abstract line with dazzling acid green dots, Aztec zigzags and Lichenstein-esque pop art stars, she has created a short film which inserts a model into a universe papered with the swirling patterns of the clothes. Eclectic, witty, cool, it is a reflection of the brand ethos, and here she speaks to AnOther about her collage inspirations that brought the visual world of the short to life.