etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_4 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_5 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_6 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_8 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_9 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck_11 etro-spring-summer-2013-by-erik-madigan-heck

The indulgence of the 21st century Romanticism as the main theme of Etro collection for Spring/Summer 2013 is consolidated with the ethereal saturation of colors. By surpassing the earthbound factors the campaign transfer us to the dreamy fantasies  encompassed with the mastership of photography served by Erik Madigan Heck.  The structure of unique collage vision melts into the painting aesthetics unveiling the kaleidoscope of patterns, vividness of color palette and discipline of tailoring taken as a granted by Etro.


Photography by Erik Madigan Heck