Getting tropical with Forget Me Not

Every encounter and collaboration is an occasion for fashion designer Coco of Forget Me Not to try on new possibilities. From printed scarves to colorful patterns, Coco’s designs are just as curious, voluble, and lively as her personality. We caught up with designer and GIF’d out her latest collection, tropical style.

What was your life like during the last few years?
I was the worst student at school. Still, I managed to study fine arts in Paris, including in the Art Deco and Paris’ Fine Arts school. But I’d always wanted to go away. After graduation, I left and spent ten years in London. Then I travelled between the US and Asia, and I finally came back in France last year. London made me love prints and colors. I really enjoy wearing red and fuchsia all together for example, but here in Paris people do not seem to like this joyful style that much… I actually think that a navy-black combination is way more tricky than a wild color mix!

How long has Forget-me-not been around?
I created Forget-me-not four years ago. I had the chance to get chosen by really nice stockists very quickly, like Barney’s and Colette, and this led me to make more products and collaborations, in a pretty short time. I love to work with other people. I was only making scarves at first, because I did not have so much money. I’m now involved in many more collaborations that lead to many different outcomes: clothes, prints for installations, prints on ceramics… Print can be applied to almost anything, and this is very addictive. So I’m glad to switch between different materials. It is always a new story, because prints have to be considered in different ways depending on the medium we use.


It seems that you like doing many different things…
Yes. Apart from the brand, I work on visual communication projects. I do some web-design, and also editorials for magazines, set design or illustrations. This is a work I love too – I was doing it already before I started Forget-me-not. And it’s a nice way to keep on being connected to people and trends. Being connected with the fashion press and buyers is actually very important for me; buyers often have the most interesting point of view on fashion these days!

So, what is the funniest part of your job?
I have fun with it all! In fact there’s always many things I would want to do! So I make portfolios, I imagine some special patterns and I go knock on the door of those I would like to work with! Life and work are the same : it’s all about encounters. So I always suggest new things to new people, in order to make new projects and collaborations happen. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But most of the time I get a real exchange out of it. I want to do everything I can.
People often separate and segment professions. Why is that?! When you are a creative person, you can create things in any field. Technical skills are not the one and only thing to know about creating this or that. And when we think we know everything about a subject, it can even be harder to get to work. And one can always learn new things… So I prefer to get into new things with a bit of ingenuity and to discover the constraints and challenges as they come.

What technique do you use for your prints?
I use a printing technique that is very close from inkjet. This is the best way to get the more details and infinite color variations. This is for prints on fabric. Naturally, the technique can change depending on the medium.

What do you get inspired from?
I like esoteric signs because they are very graphic. The basis of every print is a geometrical shape, everything comes from that part. I work this way because I want to focus on something else than the corners of the scarf, which are normally the key areas of the prints.

Forget-me-not… why did you choose this name?
Well, I always lose all my small stuff. Gloves, woolie hats, umbrellas, scarves… They don’t last more than a few weeks! And I don’t think I’m the only one with my head in the clouds… That’s why I chose the name of a flower that sounds like a loving introduction and an invitation not to be lost.


Source > The WILD Magazine

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Sonia by Sonia Rykiel


sonia-rykiel-11-600x899Sonia by Sonia Rykiel is undoubtedly one of the coolest, freshest diffusion lines in the fashion business. The latest collection toughens up the classic Sonia Rykiel aesthetic of feminine silhouettes in bold colors, with structured coats, wide belts, and menswear-inspired garments.

The styling of the images in the lookbook also bring in a bold, geometric element while still maintaining a street-style quality and youthfulness. The collection as a whole has a very Pop Art feel, keeping with the recent runway trend of incorporating the high arts into fashion.


Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony

Major League Baseball’s official spring training starts in a month, but you can get your head start with the S/S 2014 Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony capsule collection which just hit stores. If you have not already overdosed on the Varsity trend then this will send you into sportswear heaven. Red, white and blue set the patriotic tone for the pristine jersey’s and baseball mitt stitching carried across the collection.







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Charles Negre






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grace coddington

Grace Coddington has emerged as a pop culture force we can’t help but love. And the reasons are plenty. She’s been a fashion admirer, participant and influencer. Before she was Vogue’s supremely talented Creative Director, she was a successful fashion model. Before she was a model






















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« Le Pari(s) Merveilleux » !

November 25th evening at the Petit Palais was held the opening of the operation “ Frimousses Creators “ of UNICEF France. This charity event based was a tremendous success and give an amazing preview before the auction to be held on December 2 at the Four Seasons George V in Paris. All the benefits will be used for the vaccination of the children of Darfur. This auction will be hosted by the famous TV entertainer Sébastien Folin and directed by international auction house Artcurial.
Patron of “ Frimousses de Créateurs “ Lara Fabian , President of the honorary committee Mercedes Erra and President of UNICEF France Michèle Barzach were present to inaugurate the event.
More than 1,300 guests came to admire the dolls and the unique works of art generously donated by artists and designers , and staged in a magical setting by scenographer and curator Frédéric Fontan .
Among those present, Chantal Thomass, Alexis Mabille, Serkan Cura, Aurèle Lost Dog, Pal Sarkozy, Coco & Forget Me Not, SIGN7, Sarah Marshall Jean Claude Jitrois , Stella Cadente , Tiery B. Ludovic Baron and Lisa Roze , Yazbukey, Max Shaul, BRUCE Jaham, Xu Ming, Richard Orlinski, Nicolas Saint Gregoire and others were keen to attend the opening of this edition and continue to dare a marvelous challenge with “Le Pari(s) Merveilleux” !


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maria rutkowska







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Isabella Blow

November 19 marks what would have been Isabella Blow’s 55th birthday, to celebrate her iconic life and incredible retrospective opening this week at Somerset House in London, we take a look back at some of her biggest fashion moments.

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Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos

French actresses Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos star in the 2014 Resort campaign for Miu Miu. The pair were photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in New York over the summer, wearing the label’s bright pastel and printed pieces.


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